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FAMILY WELLNESS PROJECT Cause Parent Support Group

CRAIGAVON (Group 1) Wednesday 6th March,10.00am-12.00pm. The Chrysalis Centre, Craigavon

NEWRY Monday 11th March, 10.30am-12.30pm. Ballybot House.

CRAIGAVON (Group 2) Wednesday 20th March, 7.00-9.00pm. Brownlow Community Hub.

Parents/Carers should contact Charmaine McCorry directly to complete a referral form before attending to ensure the criteria is met. Positive parenting strategies are covered at each group meeting. 1-1 meetings are also available.

Parent/ Carer Support Groups

The five year project, led by MindWise in partnership with Action Mental Health, AWARE, CAUSE, Parenting NI and the Trusts’ Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), aims to support 500 families in the Southern and Western (Craigavon and Newry) Health and Social Care Trust areas.

‘Enhancing the emotional health and well-being of children aged 5 – 12 who are at risk of developing significant mental health difficulties if early intervention measures are not identified and addressed, with a view to reducing their need for more intensive or long term support from statutory/other services.’

The project has adopted a holistic person and family centred approach which will help families to better support their children, understand and cope with their circumstances, to be part of the community they live in and to experience less stigma and discrimination.

As part of this programme of support for families, CAUSE has introduced a CAMHS Carer Advocate service working across the Southern and Western Health and Social Care Trust areas.

What happens at the Support Group Meetings?

Held on a weekday evening, once a month for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours in a local community setting in your area, meetings are an opportunity to share experience and knowledge with other parents and carers in a similar position in a safe, relaxed and confidential environment. Various topics on positive parenting approaches will be covered at each meeting including:

· Self-care

· Managing stress and identifying negative triggers

· Positive parenting strategies

· Wellness Tools

· Developing resilience

and of course any other topics that may arise during group discussion. The Support Group meetings are focused on examining what tools are available to prevent further emotional health and well-being difficulties from arising, through developing skills and knowledge from others under the guidance of a facilitator. It’s an opportunity to share information and learn what works for others!

Is it for You?

Do you have a child aged 5 – 12 years who may be experiencing emotional health and well-being difficulties such as low self-esteem, anger or anxiety?

• Do you have 1½ -2 hours free on one evening each month to share experiences and gain knowledge with other parents and carers in a similar position, in a relaxed, safe and confidential environment?

Then maybe our Support Group is something you should consider.

For further information

If you are interested in attending one of our groups in your area, please contact:

Charmaine McCorry (Family Wellness Project Support Group Facilitator)

Tel No: 07740410169 or Email:

Visit The Family Wellness Project website for more information and to access resources on children’s emotional health & wellbeing