Action Mental Health (AMH) training and employment services

New Horizons

AMH New Horizons helps people to overcome the effects of mental ill health and in many cases return to work. We offer a range of recognised qualifications and provide training, personal development programmes and social and recreational activities. We operate 8 New Horizons services in 10 locations and increasingly deliver a variety of courses in community based venues.

New Horizons

Accept & The Junction

Located in Lisburn, AMH Accept offers training on a part-time basis including work preparation, guidance, support and access to training, leading to qualifications for people with mental health needs. Based in the same unit, AMH The Junction is a service for young people with mental ill health between the ages of 18-30 exclusively and focuses on their social and vocational needs. The programme comprises of both drop in and organised activities.

Accept & The Junction

Employment Options

AMH aims to source and support employment opportunities, training placements and further training for people engaging in AMH Services. There are many options available to clients and employers including: Work Based Training Placement (while completing accredited training), Permitted Work (under 16 hours/week), Open Employment, Further Training, Work Connect Programme and Workable (NI) Programme.

Employment Options

MindWise: Training and Employment Services

The aim here is to provide high quality services that help individuals access employment, retain their jobs and regain their self-confidence and independence by offering and supporting training in; personal management, communicating, job seeking and specific work skill.


LEMIS: Local Employment Intermediary Service

The Local Employment Intermediary Service (LEMIS) is an initiative designed to help unemployed people in the community overcome those issues that may be preventing them from finding and keeping a job.


Jobseekers Programmes


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