Information leaflets and guidance on working with carers

Being a family member, partner or friend supporting with a loved one who is experiencing a serious mental illness – especially for the first time – can be very distressing and daunting.   CAUSE is a dedicated and unique peer-led service, run by carers for carers providing a range of practical and emotional support to families and friends who need help.

To give information on our services to carers you have come in contact with; please download our information leaflet below. Alternatively, to make a direct referral and connect with one of our Carer Advocates in your area, please contact us on 028 90 650 650 or make an email referral by clicking on this link:

Other useful information on working with carers

Carers who are actively supporting a loved one who is ill can play a vital and positive role in working with professionals to support recovery. We have collated below information and guidance for professionals on working with carers.

Partners in Care Campaign

About Partners in Care

The Royal College of Psychiatrists and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers joined together to mount a campaign from January 2004 to June 2005 for carers of all ages. ‘Partners in Care’ was launched in January 2004 and aimed to:

  • highlight the problems faced by carers of people with different mental health problems and learning disabilities
  • encourage true partnerships between carers, patients and professionals.

Guidance and information sharing, confidentiality and communicating with carers produced as part of the Partners in Care campaign can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Carers and confidentiality in mental health

Working in partnership: psychiatrists and carers

Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care is a guide jointly published by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and the National Mental Health Development Unit emphasising the need for better local strategic involvement of carers and families in the care planning and treatment of people with mental ill-health.The ‘Triangle of Care’ approach was developed by carers and staff to improve carer engagement in acute inpatient and home treatment services. The guide outlines key elements to achieving this as well as examples of good practice. It recommends better partnership working between service users and their carers, and organisations.  Click on the link below to access this guidance.

Triangle of Care Guide

Northern Ireland’s Strategy for Carers

Caring for Carers - Recognising, Valuing and Supporting the Caring Role (published January 2006, DHSSPSNI)

Recognising, Valuing and Supporting the Caring Role

Carers and Discharge Guidance (DHSSPSNI)

This is guidance reminding Trusts of their obligations with respect to services for carers, and drawing together all of the published recommendations and requirements for delivery of the discharge process.  The guidance has been developed in 3 parts; and the documents are accessed by clicking on the link below. (published September 2010)

  • A Guide for Carers - See Appendix 1
  • A Practical Guide for Staff - See Appendix 2
  • A Guide for Managers and Policy Makers- See Appendix 3

Carers and Discharge Guidance