Our Governance and Quality Assurance

We understand that as a professional you want to be reassured of the quality of services that you refer carers to meet high quality standards.  

CAUSE is funded by health and social care trusts across Northern Ireland in addition to receiving funding from DHSSPSNI to deliver of service level agreements (SLAs).   Access to funding from these sources requires us to meet stringent adherence to quality assured standards in our organisational policies and procedures.  We believe in quality, we invest in quality, we deliver quality.

Read about difference CAUSE has made to people’s lives in the words of carers who have used CAUSE’s services:

About our support groups:

 ‘I find attending the monthly meetings can be very rewarding as I can share my worries and concerns about my loved one within the support group.  I have also me friends there who are also a great support…It has helped me meet any challenges I cross.’‘These people understand me, it’s somewhere where I can be real.’

About our training for carers:

 ‘Made all the difference in the world - reminding about recovery and acceptance also providing ideas for coping strategies’.

About our Helpline:

 ‘I have used the CAUSE Helpline.  This made what seemed like an ‘out of control’ situation into a situation where I could gain control… Experiences were also shared leaving me feel listened to.’

About our one-to-one Carer Advocacy:

 ‘I had a meeting with a Carer Advocate short after my son took ill and it was tremendous support.  I felt reassured and supported.  I was over-whelmed at the time and very confused, talk to the Carer Advocate made a lot of sense about what was happening.  It was a life-saver.’