It’s easy to support carers affected by serious mental illness by placing our collection can in a local shop or business.

Each tin raises vital funds towards our work and lets another person know that support is there for them.

You can help us raise money and awareness by taking a can to a local business such as a shop, pub, hairdresser, coffee shop or GP surgery. Ask the business owner to display the tin and all you have to do is empty it at intervals.

Request a pack which contains everything you need to place a tin, including a tin, security seals and full instructions by calling the number below or emailing us.

Bag Packs

Forthcoming Bag Packs

Can you spare an hour or two when we are bag packing? Help us make it count for mental health carers!

We need volunteers urgently for the following:

Saturday 20 December at Sainsbury’s Holywood Exchange

If so please call Verity on 90650650 or email:

If you can spare a couple of hours and would like to join the team for
fun times please contact us and we will put your name on our buddy team list.