NHS statistics about the number of people affected by mental illness are far from complete, but we do know that one in four of us will experience mental ill-health during our lifetime.

Many people will be living their everyday lives coping with the challenges. We know there are many more people in a mental health caring role who need our help and this number will only grow as public services around the UK continue to be cut.

Naturally you will want to look after your loved ones. But after you have made provision for those nearest to you, will you consider leaving even a small gift to CAUSE?

‘CAUSE has become my lifeline, my support and is an essential part of my life’ Belfast Carer

Did you know?

If you leave 10% or more of your net estate to charity, the inheritance tax rate applied to the rest of your estate is reduced from 40% to 36%.

Making a will is quick and easy to do and updating an existing will can be even quicker, especially if you are only making minor changes such as including a gift to CAUSE. For more information on finding and choosing a solicitor, consult the Law Society of Northern Ireland :

Tel: 028 9023 1614

​CAUSE is a member of Will To Give that is made up of an ever growing group of Northern Ireland charities who have come together with the one aim - to promote gifts in wills to all charities, right here in Northern Ireland.

For more information on leaving a gift to CAUSE, please take a look at our legacy information sheets below:

​Legacy Fact Sheet - Glossary of Terms


​Legacy Fact Sheet - Types of Gifts


​Legacy Fact Sheet - Frequently Asked Questions


​If you intend to make a gift to CAUSE in this way please download and complete ‘My private gift pledge form’ and return to :


Lesley Office Park

393 Holywood Road

Belfast BT4 2LS


For further information please call us on 90650650 or email: fundraising@cause.org.uk