Carers Rights Day 29th November 2013 - three key things to know as a carer

November 29, 2013

Carers Rights Day 2013: rights, advice, support Carers Rights Day is about getting carers the information and advice they need to claim benefits, access practical support and find out how technology can help take the pressure of about your finances.

Carers Rights Day 2013
Carers Rights Day 2013

Carers can struggle to find the financial, practical and emotional help they need. As part of this year’s Carers Rights Day, Carers NI are highlighting some of the ways that carers’ rights and entitlements will be changing in Northern Ireland.

There are a whole host of benefit changes that you need to be aware of and prepare people for in the coming months. Here are some of the main changes in benefits, where to get extra resources and how to take action. It is vital that carers and their families are well-advised and make the most of the changes so they can plan their finances, work and family life well. To view information on local changes to benefits in NI, click here.