Together For You Project

December 05, 2014

Together For You is an innovative project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, aimed at delivering mental health and well being services to a range of people across Northern Ireland in a joined-up way.

​Through a range of services the Together For You Project can help young and old, men and women, minority groups (Black and Minority Ethnic and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and marginalised groups (prisoners, NEETS (Not in education, employment or training) and unemployed).

This is the first time nine leading mental health charities have come together to deliver a range of activities aimed at: educating people and their communities; raising awareness of mental health and encouraging help seeking, promoting good mental health; preventing mental illness and early intervention; and providing intensive support for those already experiencing mental ill health.

Activities from October 2013 will include mental health promotion in schools, activities that promote wellbeing in older people, campaigns to reduce the stigma and discrimination of mental health, bereavement support, support for carers of those with mental ill-health and improved psychological therapies.

The Together For You Partners are:

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