Why not become a CAUSE member?

March 09, 2009

Once a year CAUSE asks local supporters to become members of the Charity.

Whilst pleased with the response to this year’s CAUSE membership appeal for the 2009/10 financial year to date, if you aren’t a CAUSE member, please consider joining.

We plan to continue and expand our vital lobbying work, so increased membership would provide extra impetus to this work, campaigning for and representing carers. By becoming / continuing to be a CAUSE member, you will enable CAUSE to be increasingly recognised as a strong, effective membership-driven organisation.

Whilst not imposing any duty or further commitment on carers, a greater uptake of membership will also give CAUSE more credibility with regard to funding.

If you are a local person caring for a family member with a mental illness, and would like to receive a CAUSE membership pack, please contact CAUSE Head Office.