Run by carers for carers, our front-line team and senior management have direct personal experience as  mental health carer and understand the challenges many families and friends face when supporting a loved one living with a complex mental illness.

There is no question that any major illness affects the whole family and changes the way everyone goes about their daily life. The challenges that mental illness brings affect the entire family—parents, spouses, siblings and children—both young and adult. Relationships within the family may undergo changes. There may be a disruption of normal social and leisure activities.

Families sometimes feel they ride an emotional roller-coaster—when their family member is doing well they’re hopeful and optimistic. When their family member relapses, they are often devastated.  

No matter what CAUSE is always their to offer practical and emotional support.

Thank you from all our team and from all those we support each year of helping us achieve our goals this special year and sustain our services for the future!