When reading the news, scrolling on social media, and speaking to friends, it appears obvious that poor mental health impacts absolutely everyone and it appears to be more prevalent than ever.
However, even though pain does not need to be seen to be felt, mental illness still often remains invisible. Charities like CAUSE are working tirelessly to change this.

CAUSE provides a range of services such as counselling, mentoring, training, respite and advocacy for carers of those experiencing poor mental health. They understand that one person's experience of poor mental health doesn't end there; it can impact everyone around them.

So! In order to try and 'do our bit', to get people talking more about mental health and to raise awareness about the services CAUSE offer; Chris and I have signed up for Strictly for CAUSE 2019! We will take part in 12 weeks of dance training and even though we've 4 left feet between the pair of us, we can't wait to entertain the crowds on show night and raise some money for this smashing charity.

Chris firstly got involved with fundraising for CAUSE earlier this year, where he showcased his alter-ego Bruno Mars, at CAUSE's Lip Sync Battle. This quickly led to my decision to sign up to Strictly Jigs and Reels for CAUSE in May 2019, where I experienced a personal dream of dancing to Riverdance as our closing number! The positive impact on our own mental health from taking part in these fundraising events was incredible, and we are both even more committed the second time around to raise some money for this amazing charity!

If anyone would kindly like to donate, no matter how small, every penny will be of benefit to somebody! If you would like to come and see the results of our dance training in action, show night is 30th November and tickets are £15 (which can be bought from myself or Chris)! P.s We also will take on any suggested dance related requests and challenges if that will help boost our fundraising ;D

Thank you! Maria Quinn