Whatever the weather, a picnic is a perfect excuse to get everyone together and this summertime, whether you decide to head to the park or prefer to stay in and camp out on your living room floor, we’re calling on you to do just that. Gather your loved ones and help raise money for families caring for someone with a serious and enduring mental illness.

Great company, delicious food, what isn’t there to like about picnics and BBQs!

For those in need of a little inspiration, here are a few tips to help make sure yours is a walk in the park.

Choose your location

The local park, your garden, the beach. Indoors or outdoors, so long as you have space for a blanket or two, you can hold a picnic pretty much anywhere!  Try and pack light or, if you do have lots to carry, make sure your perfect picnic spot is easy to get to.

And please remember SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES!!!!!!

Think outside the sandwich

Although a regular in the picnic basket (and quite rightly so!) branch out from the humble sandwich and try a few new culinary delights that are easy to share. Not only will they impress, but they’ll go further too. We have even included some recipes for Picnic Party guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s lunchtime.

Prepare food at home

A properly planned picnic involves a little preparation. If you’re holding your picnic elsewhere, think about cutting and preparing everything before you go, then all you need to do is to set up when you get there. You’ll thank yourself later!

Get organised

Blanket, check. Food, check. You don’t need much to make a picnic enjoyable, but planning beforehand will make sure you don’t have much to think about on the day. Other than the usual picnic essentials, you may want to think about packing bin bags to dispose of your rubbish and anti-bacterial wipes for messy hands – children’s and grown-up’s alike!

If you’re heading out, use disposable cutlery and plates to make your picnic basket easier to carry. (Remember to reuse and recycle where possible).

Enjoy it

Lastly, remember to have a great time. Picnics and BBQs are about getting together and making memories, so, don’t worry if you’re strapped for time. Need some time saving ideas? Our picnic pack including recipes and ideas will ensure a fun day for everyone!

Finally it's all about fundraising and fun!

You can either charge each guest an entry fee to your party or ask for donations - either way you can set up a CAUSE fundraising page to do just that and support our 25th birthday appeal!

For more information or call Anne on 028 90 650 650 or email: [email protected] or click here to register your Picnic & Party