Put the kettle on and spend some quali-tea time with your friends and family by holding a Caring Tea Party.

Throughout the year we ask people across the country to host a Cuppacake Tea Party at work, home or school to cause a stir and raise money towards supporting our services.

But now your Cuppacake Tea Party can also take place virtually and it really is quite simple to do, if you follow the recipe…

Your recipe for a successful virtual tea party…

  • Set a date and time for your virtual Cuppacake Tea Party
  • If you connect with family and friends on Facebook, stir up some excitement by setting up a Facebook event and invite your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to join you – the brilliant thing about a virtual event is your guests could be anywhere in the world!
  • Need help with a platform check out how to connect online
  • Share your personal story on your online CAUSE fundraising page and ask your guests for a donation
  • Bake or fake your delicious tea and treats
  • Serve up photos or videos of yourself enjoying a nice brew and a slice of something delicious, share to social media and ask your family and friends to do the same or all get together via Zoom, Skype or Facetime so it really feels like you are all in the same room.

… it’s a piece of cake!

At home, at work or at school - YOU decide!

CAUSE is counting on your cuppas:

  • Cakes at coffee time
  • Afternoon tea parties
  • Bun for funds

Cuppacake is all about chatting. Having conversations with others is proven to be great for our mental health. Getting together with friends, family or work colleagues is a brilliant way to challenge stigma and break down barriers to good mental health.

And, as Cuppacake is a fundraising event, all the money you raise will support the work we do at CAUSE!

People, coffee, tea, cakes, chat and a CAUSE collection can...that's all you need!

Sign up today and receive your 'Virtual Cuppacake' pack including images to text or email to your family and friends!

If you have any queries, please call Anne for a chat on 079 6688 3063  or email: [email protected]