The support that CAUSE provides to those who are impacted by their loves one’s mental illness is vitally important in our communities. Throughout this year, Belong look forward to providing support through volunteering and organizing fundraising events whilst also actively promoting awareness within our team of the support CAUSE can provide to those in need.

To kick off the partnership, our first fundraiser for CAUSE will be something you can do wherever you are in the world over the summer months. Whether you're staying home or holidaying in Portstewart, Porto, Paris or Prague everyone with a pair of running shoes can partake in our Run 5, Donate 5 & Nominate 5 challenge.

All you have to do is Run 5km at any time in the next 3 months, Donate £5 through this page and nominate 5 other friends, family or colleagues to do the same.

Carolyn Busby