Mental illness is higher in Northern Ireland than elsewhere in the UK. 

Families and friends across NI provide support to loved ones with schizophrenia, severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, Personality Disorder, Dual Diagnosis with addiction, eating disorder, OCD, substance abuse or self-harm. They face daily challenges outside the coping skills of most people, and it is comforting to know that CAUSE is here to support these carers knowing that by supporting the family and carers of someone with a serious mental illness, they are supporting the best outcomes for the individual. People do not recover on their own, but in the context of their families, their friend groups and wider society and there is no other charity like CAUSE in Northern Ireland so if you can please support me in this fundraiser, you will be helping CAUSE support over 2,000 carers this year.

I am taking to the dancefloor in Strictly for CAUSE on Saturday 25 November in The Ballroom at the Stormont Hotel, Belfast and am busy learning two routines at the moment. I am having great fun with a great bunch of fundraisers.

Tickets are on sale now if you want to come along to this glitzy evening - just message me.

Thanking you for any donation you can give!

Best wishes,

PS Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep dancing!

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