Find services and support groups near you and have their contact details near to hand!

  • GPs Contact Number and Out of hours Contact Number  -  remember your GP is the gatekeeper of support services
  • Go to your local A & E
  • Call for an ambulance
  • Call the police

Out of Hour GP contact numbers for the different areas:-
  •     Southern Health & Social Care Trust  - 02838399201
  •     South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust  - 02892602204    
  •    Western Health & Social Care Trust - 02871865195 
  •     Belfast Health & Social Care Trust - 02890744447
  •    Northern Health & Social Care Trust - 02825663500 


It is important to plan for crisis situations, so that you will know who to contact in an emergency. Make a personal plan which has information about signs that a crisis might happen and what you can do if it does. If the person you care for has a crisis plan from their mental health team it should be the first one you follow in a crisis.

You need to know who to contact if you feel that the situation has reached crisis and they need urgent help.

  • A mental health crisis can mean different things. It generally means when someone’s health worsens to the point where they need urgent help from professional services.
  • You and your relative may notice early warning signs that their mental health is getting worse. If possible, try to get help early.
  • Different services can help your relative in a crisis, such as the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) or crisis team.
  • In some circumstances, the Mental Health Act might be needed. The ‘nearest relative’ can ask social services to think about assessing your relative under the Mental Health Act.