The CEA card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema. The Card is also one way for cinemas to make sure they look after their disabled guests. If you require an adjustment to visit a cinema because of your disability, cinema staff should make them for you whether you have a CEA Card or not.

Applications available on  The cared for person is who applies rather then the carer and you need a passport photo.  They can then take whoever they want with them to the cinema. There is a £6 payment fee.

Many venues will operate some form of scheme to ensure Access for All under current regulations on equality and disabilities.  Venues such as the Ulster Hall, The Grand Opera House, Ticketmaster, National Trust venues, local council swimming pools, theatres and cinemas.

It is always worth making an inquiry before booking as there is usually some form of application to complete and evidence such as DLA or PIPs, may be requested.  All applications are subject to approval by the organisation involved.

Currently the Grand Opera House uses the Access for All membership scheme which lasts for 2 years and gives a free ticket to an “Essential Companion” to those with a disability. 

The service provides a free companion seat to visitors with disabilities who require essential assistance to attend the theatre. Any companion must be able to assist you in the event of an evacuation, and only patrons of the theatre aged over 14 can use the service. and scroll down to “register now” before you book any tickets

Ticketmaster also have a scheme in operation, get more information and register via

Better Gym Inclusive Membership

Better Gym Inclusive Membership provides disabled people full, anytime access to Better Gym gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes. It also allows for free entry for a carer or personal assistant, free six week refocus sessions and free, inclusive access to an expert instructor who can create a personalised exercise programme just for you. search near you, membership and all inclusive disability.

The Giants Causeway (or any National Trust Location) Essential Companion Card

When visiting the Giant's Causeway, or any National Trust venue in NI, an Essential Companion Card makes it much easier and cheaper to bring one or two carers or companions with you. All you need to do is to show the card upon arrival, and your carer(s) or companion(s) won’t need to pay an entry fee. search essential companion card.

SSE Arena Carers Tickets

SSE provides essential aid or carers tickets (subject to availability) to customers who would be unable to attend events without the support of another person. The tickets are offered either for free or at a discounted rate, depending on the event in question, and must be applied for via the Box Office at the time of ticket purchase. Certain other criteria must also be met to be eligible for the tickets, and these are provided via the SSE website. under essential aid (subject to availability).

Belfast Zoo

Carer can get free admission to Belfast Zoo while accompanying someone with a disability.  Terms and conditions apply. 

*You must provide proof in the form of documentation to show that you are in receipt of carer’s allowance, a doctor’s letter or other relevant paperwork. Alternatively the visitor who requires a carer can provide evidence of their disability. If you require more information, call us on 028 9077 6277 (extension 201).*

Ulster Bank has a new ‘companion card’ – a supplement to their existing current account that will enable vulnerable customers and those in extended isolation to give trusted volunteers a way to pay for their essential goods.

The Companion Card can be topped up by up to £100 and given to a trusted person or carer to enable them to make purchases on behalf of the individual. To enhance security, the carers card will be associated with the customer’s existing bank account but kept separate on the bank’s systems. The card does not share a PIN or long card number with the customer’s existing debit cards and ATM withdrawals are restricted to £50, as well as being subject to Ulster Bank’s fraud monitoring systems.

The move is the latest in a series of innovations that Ulster Bank has introduced in response to the coronavirus crisis to protect vulnerable customers and enhance their ability to pay for essentials while protecting themselves.

The bank also offers vulnerable customers and those in extended isolation a fee-free cash delivery service to their door. Additionally, customers can request a ‘Get Cash’ code that enables a trusted third-party to make ATM withdrawals up to £100 on someone’s behalf from any NatWest, Royal Bank or Ulster Bank NI ATM.