Sarah's Story  

'I first heard of CAUSE through the charity's signature fundraising event - Strictly for CAUSE.  I signed up to take part in 2015 and never look back!  What an experience!  I never enjoyed anything so much - learning about the charity, about mental illness, about the support families and friends need so much whilst supporting a loved one with a serious mental illness and of course learning how to waltz and meeting an array of new friends - what more would you wish for?  One Strictly led to another and led to the next stage in CAUSE’s ‘Strictly’ life - 'Strictly Jigs and Reels' - another fun filled experience.  It seems only like yesterday when I finished 2019 Strictly season.

As a former PR manager for Connect Total Communications, I was able to partner up the company with the charity and am delighted since to be appointed as a Corporate Ambassador for CAUSE. So what does that mean - I try to help connect CAUSE to other companies and corporate networks and try to get other people involved in the charity through their workplace.

Over the past 5 years, I also became a Personal Trainer and subsequently qualified to deliver ‘Dance Step Fitness’ and am delighted to say I now deliver ‘CAUSE To Dance’ the charity’s fun schools’ dance initiative.  I had a fantastic time working with Friends’ School, Lisburn designing and delivering the pilot of this initiative and have since met some amazing fundraising friends through our local schools.

Most recently I organised the production of a launch video for CAUSE's Million Steps Campaign when we invited previous 'Strictly for CAUSE' and 'Strictly Jigs and Reels' participants to return to perform our magical interpretation of 'From Now On'.  We all wanted to do something inspirational with a message of hope and encourage the public to look after their own well-being eg by dancing!

Read all about this amazing routine at Titanic slipway and view the video too!

I thoroughly enjoy my involvement with CAUSE and know it has given me back so much in return - so please open a door for CAUSE if you can - doing so will make you feel so good!'