Knowing what other practical and possible financial help you are entitled to as a carer is crucial. It can be one of the first steps in effectively managing every day as a carer.

If you are unsure about what you are entitled to or have questions about benefits if your circumstances change, get help from a local advice service.  Don’t go it alone trying to navigate benefits or entitlements systems or applications if you don’t feel you know enough about them or are even uncertain about where to start.  There are excellent local advice centres across Northern Ireland to help you.  We have put some useful links to services and advice guidance:

Carers NI Advice Line: 028 90 43 98 43

Access information on local advice centres from Advice NI Tel: 028 9064 5919

Carers UK produce and update annually A Guide to Carers’ Rights and Benefits

Quick guide to financial support for carers can also be accessed at

Direct payments for carers
Direct payments are local Trust payments available for anyone who has been assessed as needing help from social services. You can normally get them if you are a carer aged 16 or over.

What direct payments can be used for
Direct payments can be used to buy services from an organisation or to employ somebody to provide assistance. As a carer, you can use a direct payment to purchase the services you are assessed as needing to support you in your caring role.  This includes support that may help maintain your health and well-being. 

Eligibility                                                                                                                                                           If you already receive social services: Your local Trust has to offer you the option of direct payments in place of the services you currently receive. Under some circumstances you cannot get direct payments. Your local Trust will be able to tell you about these.

If you're not receiving social services To get direct payments you will need to contact your local Trust to ask them to assess your needs. 

For more information online check: