We are all going to need to be mindful of our physical and emotional health and well-being each day during the pandemic, more so if you are also caring for others. 

It’s very important that we keep in touch with friends and family during this pandemic.  Simple things like setting up a telephone rota to make sure we make regular contact can make a difference for those living on their own or are feeling isolated.  There are lots of technology aids such as WhatsApp or Messenger which allows multiple people to communicate together, so consider setting up a family or friend group chat.  Regular video calls using FaceTime or Zoom (others are available) can be a fun and cheap way to keep in touch with loved ones. 

These links have some useful tips and advice on looking after your well-being:

Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing

www.nidirect.gov.uk - taking care of your mental health and wellbeing 

www.gov.uk - looking after your mental wellbeing

www.carersuk.org - looking after your mental wellbeing



WHO - mental health considerations (pdf)

How to protect your mental health