Read about the difference CAUSE has made to people’s lives - in the words of carers who have used CAUSE’s services:

About our support groups:

 ‘I find attending the monthly meetings can be very rewarding as I can share my worries and concerns about my loved one within the support group.  I have also some friends there who are also a great support…It has helped me meet any challenges I cross.’

'These people understand me, it’s somewhere where I can be real.’

About our training for carers:

 ‘Made all the difference in the world - reminding about recovery and acceptance also providing ideas for coping strategies’.

About our Helpline:

 ‘I have used the CAUSE Helpline.  This made what seemed like an ‘out of control’ situation into a situation where I could gain control… Experiences were also shared leaving me feel listened to.’

About our one-to-one Carer Advocacy:

 ‘I had a meeting with a Carer Advocate shortly after my son took ill and it was tremendous support.  I felt reassured and supported.  I was over-whelmed at the time and very confused, talking to the Carer Advocate made a lot of sense about what was happening.  It was a life-saver.’

About our respite:

 ‘CAUSE recognises that carers need time to themselves...having some time away from my caring role with people who are in the same position, sharing our concerns, having a laugh...totally recharged my batteries and I knew I could go on’.