AWARE: Overcoming Depression, changing lives 

Free courses being delivered in the New Year – now open for registration

  •  Mood Matters Adult Workshop (2hrs) This light and interactive mental health awareness training session is an opportunity for you to think about how to look after your own mental health. We will explore mental health stereotypes and look more closely at how to spot the early signs of mental health Illness: stress, depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar. This session will teach you coping skills for everyday life, how to avoid getting caught in a vicious circle, how to break unhelpful habits that we sometimes have when our mood is low, and where to get further help and support. This session will focus on you as an individual and will then allow you to apply these skills to supporting family, friends and other colleagues. To register for a place visit Mood Matters Adult 

  • Living Life to the Full (6 weeks @ 2hrs per week) This 6-week course looks more closely at the ways in which mental health can be impacted by life events and unhelpful thinking styles which may also then affect our physical health and overall enjoyment of life. This programme looks at a different topic each week, and it is broken down as follows
     Week One: Why Do I Feel So Bad - This enjoyable, interactive session introduces the 5 areas approach and shows that what you think and do influences how you feel.
     Week Two: I Can’t Be Bothered Doing Anything - We’ve all said this to ourselves when we’re feeling down. This session encourages you to start doing things which can make you feel better.
    Week Three: Why Does Everything Always Go Wrong - This session teaches you to recognise and control your unhelpful thinking patterns. It encourages you to challenge your negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful ones.
     Week Four: I’m Not Good Enough - We’re not born with doubts like these! Things others have said creep into our heads and we begin to believe them. Re-build your self-confidence and learn to like yourself again.
    Week Five: How to Fix Almost Everything - Everything is achievable if broken down into small enough steps. This session introduces a 5 step plan to help you tackle problems and make positive changes in your life. 8 The Things You Do That Mess You Up - This session helps you to identify things such as drinking, comfort eating or spending money which may make you feel better initially but which may lead to problems over time.
    Week Six: Are You Strong Enough To Keep Your Temper - This session helps you to recognise what winds you up and teaches you how to control your anger and improve your happiness and relationships. 10 Things You Can Do To Fell Happier Straight Away - This last session sums everything up and shows you some simple things that you can build into your everyday life to help you feel happier, fitter and more positive. 

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