As of Monday 30 March, Beech Hall Health and Wellbeing Centre will be re-designated as a COVID-19 assessment centre in the community. It is envisaged that the Trust and GPs will work to establish more of these centres as required across the city. All other services provided at Beech Hall will be temporarily stood down.

The centre will provide services for:
* patients who have symptoms of COVID-19 and who are at higher risk of complications
* those described at having moderate or severe symptoms and who require clinical assessment

It will be for those who do not meet the criteria for Emergency Department assessment or inpatient admission.

Attendance at the centre will be by appointment only. This will be done through triage over the telephone or Skype, or by referral from another Health and Social care practitioner. It will allow primary (GPs) and secondary care (Trust staff) to work together in a suitable clinical environment and plan what is best for the individual in terms of their treatment and any additional care they need.

The centre will initially be open from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday. It will be staffed by both Health and Social Care Trust staff and General Practitioner colleagues.

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