The Belfast Recovery College is hiring! Seeking a Band 4 Sessional Peer Educator.
BRC is a wellbeing and mental health learning, study and education facility providing a range of courses, learning opportunities and resources for the community of Belfast which will include service users, carers, staff, families, friends and the community and voluntary sector. It aims to provide a strength based learning and education programme, which is underpinned by the recovery principles of hope, control and opportunity.
Valuing the combined lived experience of mental health and professional knowledge, the post holder will be required to co-produce, co-facilitate, co- deliver and contribute to the evaluation of a range of recovery focused courses, workshops, roadshows,
presentations, promotional, community events and conferences ensuring they embed the principles of Recovery and the ethos of the Recovery College of ‘Learning Together’.
The post holders may also participate in the developing learning plans, which will reflect a coaching paradigm and adheres to the core principles of adult learning. Post holders may be involved in both on-line, webinar and face-to-face provision and communication and PR activities.
While the post holders will have allocated responsibilities under the leadership of the Team Leader and the Recovery College Co-Ordinator, he/she will also be expected to work within a team ethos in co-production teams and the College to ensure the delivery of an effective and efficient Recovery focused learning and education
Post holders are expected to contribute to an innovative high performing organisational culture, e.g. continuous learning and development, staff development review, living the Trust Values, service improvement, quality and safety.
Please note Workshops to provide information on the College, interview skills and tips for application forms have been arranged for Thursday 2nd December 10am - 12pm and Friday 3rd December 1pm - 3pm. Please refer to the front page of the attached Sessional Peer Educator Information Booklet for more details.