Recently, Carers NI heard from many carers about how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting them on a day-to-day basis. However, they’re keen to understand what this looks like from as many current carers as possible, to get a true picture of what life is like in these challenging times.

So, they're asking for your help. They want to understand what impact this national crisis is having on the lives of carers, whether negative or positive, and what their experiences are. This will not only shape the advice and support provided, but also ensure that local and national government hear directly from carers. They have created a short survey and would appreciate your co-operation to help share this survey as widely as possible among your carers/service users.

We know that carers are busy - particularly now. Answering these questions should take a maximum of 10-15 minutes and we all appreciate any time you can give. The survey is open until Monday 13 April.

We’d like you to share how their lives have changed, where there are gaps in support, and how carers can be supported to continue to care safely.

Share Your Experiences 

Carers NI is already raising issues regularly with Government to try to get the best for carers, and they are seeing some positive outcomes. They are also securing regular coverage in the national and regional media. But more information shared by carers from across Northern Ireland will strengthen both our campaigning and our work with local organisations to support mental health carers in their areas. 

Thank you to everyone who has filled or will fill in the State of Caring survey: we are very grateful for you taking the time to do this and Carers NI will be coming back to this research later in the year. However, given the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves living under, we all want to prioritise making sure the Government hears the collective voice of carers and their experiences of caring during the coronavirus outbreak. 

 Carers NI will be providing feedback on the survey responses after the Easter break and will of course, keep us all informed.