'I started fundraising for CAUSE in a response to an appeal for men for Strictly for CAUSE and what an amazing time I had!
Meeting new friends, doing some out of my comfort zone, learning to dance and making a difference to CAUSE were just some of the benefits in getting behind this relatively small local charity that so positively impacts on many people across NI.
The dedication from their team and the effort they put into their fundraising events is quite outstanding and I'm happy that I get to donate my time and energy to do my part for unpaid carers of mental health in Northern Ireland.
This year I took to the Boxing ring to raise much needed funds for CAUSE.  After nearly two years with no fundraising events has significantly impacted and I just didn't want to CAUSE to be so impacted at a time when they are so needed.
I am not quite sure what was the most difficult - the dancing or the boxing but whatever I hope to get involved with CAUSE again in 2022!'
Chris Magee from Criss Cross Removals