The first in webinar the webinar series will focus on emerging unmet needs relating to the health & well-being status of populations and the potential to utilise technology to address such needs at the individual level, whilst also showcasing local industry successes targeting these areas.

Poor health due to modern living eg. sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, poor choices/negative behaviours have been well recognised as growing challenge, pre-pandemic. The situation has been exacerbated during the Covid pandemic due to intermittent local lockdowns and more sedentary lifestyles causing disruption to our overall physical wellbeing eg. no regular commute, gyms have been close, access to parks, nature, outdoor exercise, local beauty spots has been limited.

Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and lockdowns have caused disruption to our daily lives has had a knock-on effect on our physical and mental health too. For example, physical activity amongst adults has fallen by a quarter and a third of adults have gained weight during lockdown. Facts like these exemplify why it’s crucial to consider both mental and physical wellbeing in tandem when focusing on improving whole health.

Healthcare systems are anticipating a surge of societal health issues to emerge post-pandemic. Meanwhile outside healthcare systems the health and wellness industry, already a booming $4.5 trillion business, has seen particularly marked change as housebound consumers adapt to life without gyms, fitness studios or easily accessible doctors’ offices, and reconsider overall what it means to be well in the age of a pandemic.

The goal of the event is to build relationships between the HSC clinical research staff, industry and academia, with a view to increasing both collaborative research and technology commercialisation through the matching of clinical need with technology solutions.

The agenda will allow an opportunity for companies to engage key HSC and academic stakeholders, gain insight to the region’s unique capabilities, meet with key investigators and showcase their innovations and key capabilities enabling the development of better targeted solutions to real unmet health needs.

Digital Health Webinar Series

‘Managing, Monitoring & Promoting Wellness through Technology’

Weds 28th April

(2.00– 3.30pm)


Introduction - Dr Janice Bailie, R&D Division, HSC (5 mins)

Thought Leader

- Rick Lee, M3 & Gomo Health ‘Trends in Technology & Wellness’ (10mins)

Clinical & Patient Insight

- Prof Siobhan O’Neill, Northern Ireland Mental Health Champion (7mins)

- Prof Mark Tully, Professor of Public Health, Ulster University (7mins)

Industry Capabilities/Showcase

- Elemental - Jennifer Neff (5 mins)

- Kraydel - Paul Morehead (5 mins)

- Healthy Kidz - Paul Carville (5 mins)

Engaging Healthcare Case Study

Loneliness/Reminiscing App Case Study - Prof Maurice Mulvenna, Ulster University & Soo Hun, Digital Health & Care, HSC (7 mins)

Progressing Projects with CHIC

CHIC overview on Capabilities, Funding and Projects, David Branagh, Ulster University (5 mins)

Summary and Wrap Up

Barry Henderson, Industry Engagement Unit, R&D Division, HSC (5 mins)

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