Please join Disability Rights California Poet In Residence Alice McCullough for this 15minutes screening & discussion live on YouTube. If you scan the QR code on the poster it will take you directly to the premiere page. Alternatively, just click on the pic below.


Alice McCullough is an award-winning performance poet, film-maker and disability rights advocate from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Alice is a recent recipient of the Major Artist Award from The Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and during lockdown she wrote, directed and starred in her first short film commissioned by the BBC, based on her critically acclaimed one-woman show ‘Earth to Alice,’ a candid collection of songs and poems that take her audience on a walk through Belfast, to Wonderland and back as she shares insights into her lived experience of living with Bipolar Disorder.

‘Alice is not ok. Struggling to adjust after a stay in psychiatric hospital, she needs more than meds to clear her head. She needs paint.

A short comedy-drama about facing the looking glass, battling blank canvases, going down rabbit holes, pouring your heart out, swimming upstream and all the magical things in between the cracks where the imagined world and the everyday meet.

A timely and uncompromising look into the challenges and prejudices many people face on the road to recovery from serious mental illness.’

Once described by poet Tony Walsh as ‘A Fred Astaire of Words,’ her unconventional poetry performances have captivated audiences ever since she made her start performing ‘Alice Fresco’ on the streets of Belfast. Fans of her work include Van Morrison, Stephen Fry and Naomi Shihab Nye, who described her as “Sensational, mesmerising, delightfully unforgettable. A true original.”

As Poet In Residence at Disability Rights California, Alice is currently penning a collection of new poems about her experience of visiting the United States, connecting with disabled leaders and learning how we can inspire positive change as artists and activists together on a global scale.

Here are more examples of her work

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