The Belfast Health & Social Care Trust (BHSCT) wants to improve the information they provide to their service users/carers, families and the wider public. They would like to make sure that the information they provide about their services is easy to understand, that it makes sense, answers the questions people might have and is informative.

To help them do this they are going so set up a Reader Panel. This will be a group of people who they can ask to review their literature and give them advice about how to make it better.

They would like to involve a range of people, with different interests, backgrounds, and of different ages. 

Being involved in this group would be voluntary, and it should not take up too much of your time, especially if they can involve lots of people. It would involve you being sent information to read either by email or by post. You would be asked to read it and suggest how BHSCT could improve it. You would be given guidance and support to do this. It would include things like:

 Information Leaflets
 Guidance information e.g. about Diabetes, Stroke, Care services
 Patient letters

You do not need to have knowledge or experience of the condition or service to get involved.

If you think this is something you would like to get involved with please contact Jill McPeak (BHSCT Involvement Team) at
Tel: 02895044501 / 07789549412 or email [email protected]