IoPPN Psychology Department at King's College London is delivering online talks this Thursday 2 April from 15:30 to 17:15 on how to maintain health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, using health psychology theory and evidence.

The event will be streamed via Microsoft Teams, and presenters will be delivering brief 5-8 minute talks.
There will be sometime between talks to answer questions from the audience (using the chat function).
Talks include:
- Do I or don’t I have COVID-19? The anxiety trap' - Professor Rona Moss-Morris
- Health behaviour for COVID-19: The good, the bad, and the ugly - Dr Joseph Chilcot
- Sitting it out: Top tips to reduce sitting at home - Dr Ben Gardner
- Me, myself & exercise: Keeping active during COVID-19 - Dr Katrin Hulme
- Maximising sleep in these uncertain times - Dr Federica Picariello
- Make your eating healthier while being at home - Ms Neli Pavlova
- Keeping an eye on the drinks: How to minimise the risks of harmful drinking at home - Dr Martha Canfield
- Lonesome no more: Ways to feel connected while physically isolated - Dr Ruth Hackett
- We're in this together”: Making the most of social support networks - Dr Joanna Hudson & Ms Aysenur Kilic
- Focusing on the horizon: Continuing management of long term conditions during COVID-19 - Dr Lyndsay Hughes
- Schools out but you don't have to be? Coping with the kids at home during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr Emma Godfrey
- Can I have some space? How to manage sex and relationships - Ms Ashley Brown & Ms Aysenur Kilic
- ACTing with uncertainty: Emotions and COVID-19 - Dr Whitney Scott
The event will be chaired by Professor Rona Moss-Morris.