The Department of Health has launched an online version of the Covid-19 NI app to help people across Northern Ireland stay informed.
This website widens accessibility to the app’s content, serving those who do not have a smartphone but are able to use a computer or tablet device. Like the app, this companion website provides advice to the public on Covid-19 and its symptoms.
In conjunction with the 111 NI Helpline, the app and website help relieve pressure on frontline care services.
The online version of the app is hosted on a new website:
Like the smartphone app, it will help members of the public to:
  • decide if they or someone they care for have the symptoms of coronavirus
  • understand the severity of their symptoms and what to do and how to cope decide if they need to get clinical advice and how to access it 
  • access specific advice for vulnerable members of the community 
  • get an isolation note if they are advised to self-isolate 
  • ask specific questions of the advice and guidance using a smart search ‘chat-bot’ that searches FAQs for relevant information find links to other trusted information resources.
The website also supports a range of additional information for the public, with plans to increase this in the coming weeks. The smart search ‘chat-bot’ has inbuilt analytics, allowing us to understand what issues are causing concern, and develop content in line with the public demand for information.  It has, to date, attracted strong approval ratings from users in NI.
The current version of the app doesn’t ask users to submit any personal data other than their age, to determine the advice they receive, and their post code, to ensure they are a Northern Ireland resident. Users are encouraged to continue in helping to improve the app through feedback.