There are an estimated 272,500 people in Northern Ireland caring unpaid for a loved one who is older, disabled, or seriously ill.

Their situations vary. Some people care round the clock, others for a few hours a week. Some look after a relative in their own home, while others travel miles to care for a friend.

For lots of people, caring can feel like the right thing to do when a loved one needs support, but often it has an enormous personal impact that is underestimated by others.

We know that 72% of carers have suffered mental ill health as a result of caring, and 61% have suffered physical ill health. 8 in 10 carers say they have felt lonely or socially isolated. Every single day, 600 people give up work to care.

It’s thanks to carers telling us about their experiences that we are able to explain to politicians and policy makers the serious challenges they face, and fight for lasting change.

By filling in Carers UK’ s 2020 State of Caring survey,  carers in Northern Ireland can help inform the UK’s  most comprehensive study into experiences of looking after a loved one.

With plans for social care reform currently being discussed, it has never been more important for unpaid carers to share their experiences. Please feel free to share this survey round your networks.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and will close on the 17th May 2020