While the cost of living crisis is affecting households of all shapes and sizes across Northern Ireland, one of the groups suffering the greatest impact is our unpaid carer population.

This paper is based primarily on the findings and recommendations from a roundtable policy discussion
that focused on the cost of living crisis and the drivers of financial hardship and poverty among unpaid
carers in Northern Ireland. The event was held in the NI Assembly in June 2022. Along with unpaid
carers from across Northern Ireland, there were contributions from over 20 organisations representing:
• Carers across the age spectrum – from child and young adult carers to carers of pension age and
• Parent carers
• Carers of people with mental ill-health, physical disabilities and life-limiting illnesses
• Fuel poverty campaigners
• Food bank providers; and more.

The report provides an overview of the key themes and recommendations discussed during the roundtable event, supplemented with wider research. The event was held under Chatham House rules, therefore neither the names of the stakeholders who participated, or the organisations they represent, are disclosed.

They do not profess this paper to be an exhaustive account of all the financial challenges facing unpaid carers in Northern Ireland. They do, however, hope it can shine a spotlight on the impact of the cost of living crisis on the local carer population and act as a catalyst for new policy interventions to protect carers in Northern Ireland from the hardship and poverty that so many are experiencing.

You can read the report in full by clicking on the pic below: