Our ‘Strictly for CAUSE’ dancers took up our ‘Million Caring Steps’ Challenge by recently performing and filming an amazing routine at Titanic.  This troupe made up of previous participants of our ‘Strictly for CAUSE’ and ‘Strictly Jigs and Reels’ have made this fabulous video and ask their friends and families and YOU to donate to CAUSE to help our fundraising that has been diminished significantly during the pandemic.  It also allows conversation with a wider audience and there is always new carers who will seek our support as a result of such activity.

CAUSE Fundraising Volunteer Sarah Mathews of WellFit Academy commented,

‘Each year about 20 of us get together to dance for CAUSE however COVID 19 sadly brought the curtains down on this!  Many of us felt the loneliness and isolation and with the lack of opportunity to exercise, we decided to have a weekly Zoom catch up and from this our video was born…

Dancing for all of us is a wonderful way to keep our minds and bodies healthy as well as connecting with others.  New friendships were made over the past 7 years of Strictly for CAUSE and the cancellation of our weekly training sessions during the autumn and winter months significantly impacted on all of our mental health and well-being.  So we decided to dance our way out of lockdown and of course help CAUSE continue its vital support to so many.’

You can watch their performance here

Why not take on your dance challenge for CAUSE?  Interested?

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