'Will you (for CAUSE) a packet of Smarties eat

But the empty tube you must keep

20p pieces are what you must find

Ask friends and family, they won't mind

Fill up your tube, right to the top

Return in three weeks and we'll collect the lot!

It’s our 25th Birthday in 2020

Make it a fundraising year ahead of plenty!'

This must be the most simple way for you to fundraise for us.

It will have been 28 years then when two sets of parents established our first support group. Since then our services have evolved into what they are today!  

Help us continue our vital work across Northern Ireland for another 28 years - so please get Smartie for CAUSE today!

Register your yummy efforts here!

For any further fundraising info, please call Anne on 028 90 650 650 or email: [email protected]