Are you that wonderful person who we can call on from time to time (T2T) to help us or maybe that someone who will organise a fundraiser or recruit supporters from within your local area?

We are looking for individuals across Northern Ireland to help our Fundraising department raise awareness of CAUSE and help raise much needed funds from within their local area.  In order to support all of the services we provide, we need to fundraise and you will be a vital part of our Fundraising Team. 

Do you have skills that would fit some of our other volunteering roles

Could you be a  Treasure Hunter for CAUSE

Contact Anne on 028 9065 0650 or  [email protected] to find out more. 

Apply today!

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We know that more than one in four of us will have a mental health problem during our lifetime.  For some of us it will be the toughest challenge we ever face. Now, more than ever, we need people like you to join our team and help us make sure that no one faces this challenge alone.